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May 14 2014


How To Find the Perfect Ontario Cottage Rental

Ontario is a great place to spend your vacation. But still you might wonder how to find the perfect Ontario cottage rental for you and your friends or family. But though all cottages are well-maintained and nice, some might not be suitable for your needs and preferences, that's why you have to double-check.

You're probably going to look for one online, so always look for references and reviews. Look for meaningful ones that provide some details as well. Don't only read the testimonials on the cottage rental's own page as they can't always be fully trusted.

Even if the cottage has its own site or it's listed on one, you should always call and ask again if you're really interested in something as some pages might not be updated. For example, there are owners who don't allow pets. Also, if you have children ask whether the unit has stair gates or a crib.

When you choose a cottage rentals, research about the area and see which the closest town is and what is available there. The attractions should be suitable for your group. A family would prefer a rather quiet town with amusement parks or museums, while a group of friends would rather be keen on a fun town with clubs or malls. Outdoor activities should be considered as well, so if you're looking for beaches, skiing, a tennis field or a gym, you shouldn't assume that there should be one around. If you need to have Internet access when you're on vacation too, see what options are available as not all cottage rentals provide a wi-fi connection.

The cleaning service can vary so don't be afraid to ask how often is it performed. Some owners give the opportunity to waive the cleaning fee and you can clean yourself before checking out. Linens and towels are important so don't forget to ask whether they are provided or not and how often will they be changed. If you'll stay for more than a few days, you'll have to do your laundry too so check whether there is a washing machine in the unit. Don't forget to ask if you'll get supplies too as you'll have to provide your own for most low-cost cottage rentals. That's not a problem as you can bring your favorite ones, but it's good to know before getting there.

Also, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises, just ask about what they usually mean for terms such as "oceanfront", "nearby beach" or "recreational activities". Rather vague terms can make you have high hopes though you might find that the facility doesn't meet your expectations.

There are plenty of opportunities in Ontario when it comes to cottage rentals. If you spend a bit of time, you'll find the best one where you'll be able to enjoy a lovely vacation.

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